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Why buy Sitcard cushions

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The cushions are ideal for use during sports and cultural events, indoors as well as outdoors.  They are handy at the stadium, festival, or by the campfire in the country.

Ideal material

The cushions made of lightweight plastic with good physical, chemical, and thermal insulation properties.  They are non-absorbent, flexible, and long-lasting.

Pocket-sized helper

Literally, the cushions are made of a thin, functional material named Vylen that can be folded into a breast pocket and carried to any outing or football match.

Cushion material:

  • vylen 3 mm (2103 – V3)
  • vylen 5 mm (2104 – V5)

Advertisement company logos can be applied to cushions in several ways:

  • in the form of flat-surface with a stick-on adhesive
  • in the form of profiled labels with a stick-on adhesive
  • in the form of screen printing using a special color for PE
  • optional combination of branding forms (dimensions s per customer requirement)

  Furthermore, we offer:

  • detailed graphical design, free of charge
  • calculation of offers for specific events as well as long-term projects
  • marking of cushions with recycling symbols and barcodes
  • participation in direct sales
  • preparation of direct sale events
  • rental of stands
  • rental of Sitcard banner

Are you interested in our cushions and advertising options?

Colors, printing, and quantities are handled by

Eliška Sehnalová

+420 777 875 849