We deliver standard as well

customized packaging materials

Why bet on packaging materials from KAMPOS

We deliver immediately

We store part of the offered packaging materials in our KAMPOS company premises, so we are able to deliver them to you immediately after receiving your order.

What we don't have, we can get

If you need packaging we currently don't have in stock, or if you want something special, we will immediately ask our production partners.

We do the packing and loading

In addition to packaging materials, we also offer packaging service, loading, and dispatching of goods. All you have to do is bring it to our KAMPOS company in Kuřim.


You can use cardboard boxes wherever you need strong yet flexible packaging material.

We carry, as follows:

  • flap boxes made of three-layer and five-layer cardboard according to FEFCO with printing options 
  • microwave cardboard flap 
  • boxes flap boxes of atypical dimensions
  • customized gift cardboard packaging (e.g., wine packaging)
  • complementary accessories - grids, spacers, ribbed lining, shipping boxes, lids

We offer cardboard packing from various types of cardboard (2-layer, 3-layer, 5-layer).

We deliver standard packaging in the following color variants: brown/brown, brown/white, white/white.

Stretch foils

You can use flexible for easy and quick packing of pallets, boxes, loose goods or for fixing multiple parts of the goods together.

We also carry:

• hand-stretch foils/films in thicknesses and widths as per requirement 

• machine-stretch foils/films in thicknesses and widths as per requirement


Use adhesive labels to mark the packaging the goods themselves for easy organization and records.

We also carry:

• stick-on labels with color-printing options

• thermal-transfer labels, including other ways of barcode printing 

• thermal-transfer ribbons for printers 

Sachets and bags

Use for wrapping small parts, textiles, and anything you want to protect against moisture, dirt, or air.

We carry sachets and bags made of:

  • microtene
  • polypropylene
  • polyethylene
  • recycled material with quick sealing (zip)

We offer sachets and bags in various thicknesses and widths.

Binding tapes

Use these tapes for closing bags even without quick sealing (zip) or for binding cables, slats, or pipes into bundles. 

We also carry: 

  • propylene binding tapes
  • polyester binding tapes
  • plastic, wire, and metal clamps, binding mechanisms

Adhesive tapes

You can bind everything with these tapes: paper, plastic, wood, glass, and even metal, as the case may be.

We also carry:

  • adhesive tapes 15 - 75 mm, transparent or brown double-sided 
  • adhesive tapes
  • adhesive tapes with reinforcement
  • adhesive tapes with crepe surface

Adhesive tapes can be printed as per requirement, in up to three colors or on a colored background.

Polyethylene packaging materials

Use solely soft foils for wrapping fragile items or items with sharp edges, or for filling empty spaces in boxes.

We also carry:

  • bubble wrapping
  • bubble wrapping/foils polyethylene foam wrapping

Cardboard spacers

Use cardboard spacers to improve protection against pressure and impact. We offer special softened liners made of 100% cellulose.

We carry spacers:

  • made of two to nine layers
  • of all shapes and sizes
  • with straight or rounded corners
  • with optional printing, continuous or centered

All our spacing/filling materials have been attested by accredited laboratories with EU certification. KAMPOS spacers are environment-friendly and completely made of recycled materials. Moreover, they are quite suitable for contact with food, including fatty products (chocolate).


Thanks to sanitary aids and supplies, you can maintain the right conditions for regular upkeep and cleaning at you company.

We also carry:

  • cleaning and protective products 
  • paper program
  • cleaning detergents
  • dispensers and containers

Want to know more? 

Inquiries and questions about packaging materials are usually handled by our Sales and Technology Manager

Milan Synek

Sales and Technology Manager

+420 723 944 866


Interested in complementary services?

Orders of packaging materials

including shipping are handled by our Sales Assistant

Romana Velebová

Sales Assistant

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