Even in business, one can remain human

Our philosophy

We realize that there is never enough help for those who need it.  That is why we try to help not only financially, but also by organizing our own events and participating in supportive activities in our area. We focus on helping the most vulnerable – children, elderly, and disabled fellow citizens.  In addition, we are happy to support sports and cultural associations in the area.

And why we do all that?  Because we believe that those who can help should help.

Where we help regularly

Respirators for Kuřim

We distribute packages to the needy in the town of Kuřim and its surroundings and now we have decided to donate 500 KN95 respirators of the FFP2 class to the town of Kuřim. As we were informed, the first 250 respirators will be distributed to doctors and pharmacies in Kuřim and the municipalities of OR Kuřim.

KAMPOS Children´s Day

Since 2017, we have been organizing children´s days that have gained popularity not only among the families of our employees and partners, but also among the local population.  Nearly 500 children with their parents visited this event in recent years.

Good angel

KAMPOS regularly contributes to the support of families with sick children.  We have become a Good Angel and we want to carry on with this initiative.

Your Dream We Run

Our team of employees regularly participates in a charity relay race which lasts 24 hours and its proceeds go to the most needy to fulfill their dreams.

The fire brigades of Kuřim and Jedlová

We support the firemen with funding and other donations in both of these two locations where we operate.

The Brno Bar

In the field of athletics, we regularly sponsor international high-jump meetings.

Review of sponsored events


Hasiči Jedlová I: support for the fire brigade´s activities

Christmas presents for the children from Tereza (photographs)

TJ Sokol Jedlová: sports equipment donations

Costumed Kuřim firemen´s feasts  

Hasiči Jedlová II: funds for the fire brigade´s banner


Delivery of cups for a football match as part of the Bohumil Plšek Memorial in Kuřim

Secondary, primary, and nursery school for the visually impaired in Brno

Baby box at 3 Polní Street

Children´s day in Jedlová

Family center Opička o.s., Rohozec

Secondary, primary, and nursery school for the visually impaired in Brno

We helped elderly people after a flood

Sponsoring children´s day at Brno Klokánek Children´s Home

Financial participation in “Social Automobile Project“.

Regular contributions and help jointly with Good Angel to families with children who are in financial distress due to a serious illness

Financial donation for a new roof to Sue Ryder Home in Michelský Dvůr

Sponsoring of athlete Michaela Hrubá (high jump)

Financial donation to the Tišnov Children´s Home

We donate funds to the MAMMA HELP Project for women with breast cancer

We contribute to the brigade of volunteer firemen in Kuřim

We sponsor the association NA DLANI, z.s., which aims to optimize the development of children with disabilities

We sponsor the Tišnov Children´s Home 

We financially support the association PROSEN and the You Dream We Run Project

We help and support the children of the RUGBY CLUB BYSTRC sports club

We made a financial donation to the children´s home n Tišnov

We continue to sponsor the Tišnov Children´s Home

We are sponsors and participants of the You Dream We Run charity event

We continuously suponsor the Sue Ryder Home

We sponsor the school for the training of guide dogs, named  VODICÍ PES, z.s. association

We contributed funds to Česká tábornická unie (Czech Camping Union)

We still sponsor the Tišnov Children´s Home

We try to help with the fight against coronavirus as much as possible...

We deliver help to the needy in the town of Kuřim and the surroundings

We have decided to donate 500 KN95 respirators of the FFP2 class to the town of Kuřim

It makes us happy to be able to help!  United we will succeed!