We are a company based on the story of one family one family

The company’s history

From total deployment through crucial nineties to a prosperous enterprise in Kuřim

The 1940’s

During World War II, Stanislav Kvasnička from Chrást near the Orlík Dam, grandfather of the later founder of the company, was assigned to forced-labor service (known as total deployment) to the Kuřim plant.

After the war, Mr. Kvasnička and his family stayed in Kuřim and he continued to work at the plant, where his grandson, Stanislav Sehnal, joined him in the 1990’s.

Mr. Sehnal officially founded a company named KAMPOS, s.r.o. which specialized mainly in the assembly of connectors.

Subsequently, we expanded our assembly activities and began to manufacture cables ad stranded cables, for which we acquired selected real estate in the area, and set up a road transport branch.

We established a production branch in Jedlová near Polička, where we have 30 employees.

We expanded the assets of KAMPOS, s.r.o. by acquiring a logistical complex from INVESTA International a.s. in Kuřim.

Due to the global recession, the company’s production volume declined considerably, but thanks to alternate activities and the commitment of our employees, we have successfully overcome this crisis.

In order to further expand our company to make LED lights, we founded yet another company named KAMPOS LIGHTS, s.r.o.

On the site of a former storage shed, we built a new hall E which we equipped with modern facilities and lease it out companies with sophisticated manufacturing requirements.

For the purposes of leasing the logistical company’s storage ad office space, we founded KAMPOS LOGISTICS, s.r.o. and changed the proprietary structure of the mother company, KAMPOS, s.r.o.

After merging, the companies KAMPOS, s.r.o. and KAMPOS LOGISTICS, s.r.o. continue to operate independently.

Ten Commandments of KAMPOS

1. We have respect and confidence to one another.

2. We are loyal to our company and proud of its mission statement and tradition.

3. We are united by common goals and endeavor to cooperate on their realization.

4. We act as if the company belongs to us.

5. We promote open communication within the company.


6. We want to be professionals.

7. We rely on honest, responsible, and reliable communication with customers.

8. Our goal is a customer who is satisfied with our services.

9. Long-term relationships with customers are more important to us than short-term profits.

10. We value the trust of our customers.

We care about the environment

As part of the company’s further development, we have incorporated a section dedicated to environmental protection into the Vision 2020-2030 document. Through gradual modifications of our company’s site, we want to achieve better water management, energy savings, and improve the environment for our customers and employees. 

Investments in the construction of green roofs and walls on the facades of the buildings on our site, acquisition of solar panels, and a rainwater tank, as well as fencing the area with a hedge and planting trees will help us to achieve these ambitious goals.

We help because we can

In a company full of productive people, helping the most needy people and organizations simply makes sense. We regularly devote time, energy, and above all funds to those whom we can really help improve their quality of life.