We believe in synergy – we call it “pulling at one end of the rope”.
Join us.

Why work with us

Employees are our most precious assets

The whole KAMPOS stands on people and we treat each other accordingly.  We talk with one another daily and create a pleasant working environment.

People stay with us for a really long time

Even as long as 20 years.  Working with us makes sense and you have a team behind you that you can rely on.

We reward ourselves with time spent together

We play sports, relax, and enjoy good food and drink. We get together at corporate social events several times a year in Kuřim or in Jedlová u Poličky, or even off the company’s site.

"Our employees and partners form one big family, become

part of us, too." 

Are you not afraid of work and want to meet a pleasant team?

Hiring of employees is handled by

Tomáš Sedláček
Human Relations
+420 730 542 404

An employee’s story

Ladislava Kučková

Production Coordinator

I joined KAMPOS in 2012 as an operator.  The assembly of connectors itself was an interesting activity, but I wanted to gain more experience in production for the automotive industry.  When, after three years as an operator, I was given the opportunity to represent inspectors in production, I did not hesitate.  It allowed me to gain more experience and information about the components made and, as a bonus, it was a chance for me to work with people.

In 2016, the management offered me the position of a deputy production manager and shortly after that directly the position of a production manager.  I really enjoy working with people and I find the sense of responsibility for the whole section’s operation very fulfilling.

Šárka Vystrčilová

Production controller

Gradually, I acquired a position at work that I am happy with and enjoy.  I joined KAMPOS as an operator.  After half a year, I started to work as a controller.  In this position, I supervise production and help with the production process in the workshop, where I can use my experience with production from the position of an operator.  Support from my colleagues as well as superiors is very important to me.