We assemble connectors for the biggest players in the automotive industry

Why connectors assembled at KAMPOS

Quality of workmanship

Since most of the connectors we assemble go abroad to foreign manufacturers of cars and electrical equipment, we all aim every day to meet the highest demands on the quality of workmanship.

100% control

We guarantee the quality of our work. Assembled connectors are manually tested solely by the most experienced operators or at automatic sorting stations whose error rate is below 1 %.

Time flexibility

We are used to work at 100 % performance and deliver everything to the customer on schedule, even if it sometimes means having to work under time pressure.

We have experience with the installation of connectors for

  • the automotive industry
  • computer technology
  • telecommunications
  • consumer electrical equipment (appliances)

Types of connectors we assemble







Are you interested in our connectors?

Assembly capacities and delivery schedules are handled by

Eliška Sehnalová

Production Manager
+420 777 875 849