Wiring harnesses

KAMPOS, s.r.o. offers production as well as completion and assembly of wiring harnesses. We can equip wiring harnesses with a wide scope of contacts. Within the production of wiring harnesses, we also offer additional services – design and consultancy.

KAMPOS optical cables, non-standard cables, and wiring harnesses can be found in a series of industrial fields. Our main activity is the production of wiring harnesses for machines and equipment (approximately 25 % of our total production). Our customers in this area include major manufacturers of forklift trucks, boiler regulators, wagon doors, air ventilation systems, etc.

We also produce wiring harnesses for telecommunication and data networks. Wiring harnesses designated for white goods technology are an integral part of production. We cooperate with manufacturers of industrial washing machines, dryers, textile machines and household electrical appliances. We have also been producing wiring harnesses for the automotive industry for many years. Our clients in this area are both foreign and domestic firms. The product assortment is relatively wide and includes wiring harnesses for passenger vehicles, freight vehicles, train sets and other forms of transport.


Machine equipment for individual activities:

  • machines for cutting and removing insulation (Komax Kappa 220, Komax Kappa 230)
  • Komax Alpha automatic cutting press
  • unleaded soldering (PACE)
  • semi-automatic press (PP3)
  • semi-automatic crimping press (UK 45)
  • pneumatic press up to 5t


We produce pressed and soldered joints, tinning of wire ends. We also offer the completion of switchboard boxes and checking components for medical technology.

The assembly of wiring harnesses includes:

  • cutting and removing insulation from the ends of conductors with cross-sections 0.05–6 mm2, length of cut conductors 1–200,000 mm, removing insulation of the 1st side – 99.9 mm and the 2nd side 0–40 mm, flat cables up to a width of 12 mm and a minimum length 50 mm
  • fitting conductors with a wide scope of contacts, cable eyes, and terminals including various surface metal coating
  • assembly of connectors for fuse boxes
  • assembly of simple wiring harnesses for the consumer industry and telecommunications
  • assembly of wiring harnesses for the automotive industry
  • completion of plastic connectors for the use for of cable systems for the automotive and electro-technical industries


We provide our clients with free consultation in the area of the design and manufacturing of wiring harnesses. What does the consultancy for the assembly of wiring harnesses include?

  • we design manufacturing technology
  • we help with the selection of a suitable material
  • we ensure the material is only from our best suppliers
  • we mutually approve the prototype

Based on an agreement, it is possible to develop and then manufacture using components delivered by the client.