Sitcard seat cushions


The printed SITCARD seat cushion is a large, cheap, portable and effective advertisement. The multi-purpose folding thermopad (seat cushion with insulating properties) for outdoor and indoor use is appreciated by visitors of sports and cultural events, particularly open-air events and stadiums. Due to their universal use and folding, they are appreciated by everyone.

There are various types of the SITCARD seat cushion, which is produced from Vylen. The client can choose the most suitable version according to the purpose and the price. Together, we can choose the method of printing according to the graphic design.

The seat cushions are made from a light-weight plastic substance with strong physical-chemical and thermal insulating properties. The seat cushions are non-absorbent and flexible with a long service life.
Colour design: We can produce any shade according to the client’s wishes. The basic colour options are: blue, red, yellow, green and orange.

Seat cushion material:

  • Vylene 3 mm (2103 – V3)
  • Vylene 5 mm (2104 – V5)

Company advertising logos can be applied to the seat cushion in several ways:

  • in the form of surface labels with glue on the respective material
  • in the form of plastic labels with glue on the respective material
  • in the form of screen printing with a special colour for PE
  • option to combine forms of branding (dimensions according to the requirements of the client)

We also offer:

  • detailed graphic design, free of charge
  • quotations for a specific event as well as long-term projects
  • marking seat cushions with recycling symbols and barcodes
  • participation in direct sale
  • preparation of direct sale
  • booth rental
  • SITCARD banner rental

Option to pack seat cushions into packets of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 pieces according to the request.