Logistics centre

The logistics centre is located in the northern part of Brno – in the area with the planned development of manufacturing and logistics zones. In addition to the suitable location, the Kuřim logistics centre offers a range of additional services.

There is currently a wave of innovation at the modern logistics centre with a total area of 56,000 m2. These include the next stage of expanding the gas line around the site, repairing roofs and rain inlets, and dust reduction (through the acquisition of machinery for road maintenance).

Satisfaction with the services of the logistics centre can be confirmed by the companies that we have been cooperating with over the years.

What services can you find at our Brno – Kuřim logistics centre?


Our logistics centre in Kuřim offers the following warehouse areas:

  • outdoor storage areas
  • warehouse shelters
  • warehouse halls (heated, stable temperature, not heated)

The sizes of the warehouse areas vary from 25 m² to about 1 600 m².


The Kuřim logistics centre offers independent office premises and offices directly built into office storage premises. Our logistics centre also provides container units, which can be used both as offices and manufacturing and technological cabins or social facilities.
Warehouse buildings are usually leased whole; however, they can be divided according to the requirements of the client into smaller warehouse premises or, on the contrary, integrated into larger units.


We provide clients of the logistics centre with utility vehicles and lorries. We also cooperate with several reliable forwarders from our site. If necessary, we can offer their services to the clients of our logistics centre.


Clients of our logistics centre may use a manual or machine handling forklift truck (VZV) 1.6t – 11.4t, or handling using a 12.5t bridge crane. Our logistics centre also offers:

  • warehouse management, receipt and issue of goods
  • repairs, adjustments, assembly (palet trucks, forklifts, lorries…)
  • special work: electrical; plumbing; heating; masonry work; burning and welding using an arc or flame in a protective atmosphere


  • security services
  • access to the site 24 hours a day
  • waste disposal, maintenance of regular records, annual reports
  • equipping of premises by HP
  • option to use the services of an advisor in the area of fire safety (PO), occupational health and safety (BP), and environmental protection (ŽP)
  • vacuum cleaning of premises with an industrial vacuum cleaner
  • cleaning services
  • leasing of telephone lines
  • option of Internet connection
  • option to use canteen services
  • option to replace LPG tanks
  • option to use the fuel station (diesel)
  • option to rent pallet trucks