We use the most up-to-date technologies at KAMPOS LIGHTS, s.r.o., therefore, from 1 April 2017, our lights now include a new generation of photo-biologically safe LED chips from leading manufacturers (Samsung, Osram) with a specific output of up to 201 lm/W. This new generation of LED chips means an increase in the light flux of our lights by up to 20%!


The LED lights division is the sixth independent segment of KAMPOS, s.r.o. to be established since 2012, when the first serial production of industrial lights was launched.

About the grafen lights product series::

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Light fittings from the GRAFEN series are high-quality and modern interior LED lights produced in the Czech Republic. The lights are designed for interior use – offices, schools, sports facilities and shops, as well as manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

The body of the light is produced from a high-quality aluminium profile, which gives the product maximum strength and resistance with a modern design. In the standard version, the body of the light is anodised (natural elox). A varnished surface treatment is available at the request of the client.

The cooler is designed to remove heat and is not unnecessarily over-dimensioned. The whole system is protected by an industrial design.

We use our own DPS in our lights, which are fitted with high-quality LED chips from OSRAM, SAMSUNG and CREE.

Our products are fitted with electronic ballasts from OSRAM, TRIDONIC and HARVARD. Most of our lights are produced in dimmable versions.

Depending on the application, we can produce hanging, attached, or built-in lights. Parts for built-in or hanging lights are included in the delivery.

KAMPOS pays particular attention to the quality of the components used and the quality of the final product. Therefore, a standard five-year guarantee is provided for all our lights.

The lighting system in the GRAFEN lights series is designed exclusively for the use of the latest LED technologies. The lights can be used in a wide range of interiors as an inherent functional component or as a decorative add-on.

The founding element of the light series is a set of AL profiles linked into design and functional forms. The entire series is comprised of more than 16 types of GRAFEN lights and can be used in representative premises, shopping and cultural facilities, schools, sports grounds, as well as manufacturing and logistics halls.

A team of top-notch technicians participated in the development. Demanding analyses and calculations were conducted before the technological processing, which resulted in products with a service life longer than their moral service life.

LED chips and the supply sources are used exclusively in combinations that allow the lights to be evaluated according to their energy efficiency, which consequently, classifies them into the existing highest energy class for A++ lighting.

Lights in the GRAFEN series, with their design and up-to-date technology, will satisfy the most demanding customers with their competitive price and very low energy consumption compared to older types of lights.